Introduction to WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce

Woocommerce is an eCommerce plugin for the WordPress platform. It allows a person to add products and or services to their WordPress powered web site in order to facilitate a sale and generate an income. The plugin is provided free of charge and contains all the components needed to set up and run a successful eCommerce store.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce features include everything needed to run a successful online store. From stock management to calculating shipping costs to managing the payment process, WooCommerce does it all and does it very well.

It features a very easy to read dashboard that gives you an instant picture of your stores performance. As well as that Woocommerce comes complete with its own analytics to track your shop’s performance, an order management system so you can easily see new orders coming in and the status of existing orders.

Product Management

WooCommerce manages your products in a very efficient and easy to understand system. It can be as basic as you want or it can be as detailed as you want to make it. Products are divided into a number of types or groups.

  • Simple – covers the majority of products you may sell. Simple products generally physical products are shipped. For example, a book.
  • Grouped – related products that can be purchased individually and only consist of simple products. For example, a set of six drinking glasses.
  • Virtual –  a virtual product is generally a service offering that does not require shipping.
  • Downloadable – a downloadable product might be an e-book for example or software.
  • Variable – a variable product is a product that has options to choose from, For example, a t-shirt available in different colours and/or sizes.

Stock Management

Stock management is an option you can either enable or disable in WooCommerce. It is very comprehensive and will notify you of stock shortages and manage backorders


Once you have set up the shipping management system and entered the correct size and weight information into a product. The Woocommerce Shipping System will automatically calculate the cost of shipping and add nit to the customer’s invoice during the checkout process.

Payment Systems

Woocommerce comes preconfigured with a number of the most popular online payment systems including the 2 most popular, PayPal and Stripe. These are very easy to set up and provide a proven and trusted method for your customers to pay for their goods or services. There are additional add-ons that you can purchase which will connect your Online Store to your own bank’s payment system.

There is not much the WooCommerce plugin cannot do in regards to handling all your eCommerce solutions.

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